6 Cool iPad Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know About

six cool ipad shortcuts

You can get the most out of your iPad by being in on the handy tricks and shortcuts that the savviest iPad users know about. Here are six things you can do with your iPad to use it more efficiently.

Double Tap Spacebar

When typing with the on-screen keyboard, you can double tap on the spacebar to add a full stop. That’s an old term from the days of typewriters, but it basically means you’ll get a period and a space at the end of your sentence.

Quick Volume Mute

Have you ever turned on your iPad and discovered that the last person who used it left the volume all the way up? Press the volume down button and hold it for a second; it will jump all the way down to mute instantly.

Take a Screenshot

If you ever want a screen capture of your iPad’s screen, hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. You’ll know it worked when you see a flash and hear the camera shutter sound effect. The picture will be under Photos.

Find Text on a Page

To find text on a webpage in Safari, type the text you want in the search bar, and then look for “On this Page” at the bottom of the drop-down list. Tap on that, and you can scroll through all the instances of your search term on the page.

Beyond the .com Key

The .com key on the on-screen keyboard is handy, but if you’re visiting a site that doesn’t have a .com address, you can hold down the .com key and it will expand to let you choose from several other common domains by sliding your finger across it.

Use Your iPad as a Digital Photo Frame

When your iPad is locked, notice the flower icon to the right of the “slide to unlock” bar. Tap the flower icon, and you’ll get a slideshow of all your photos. You can choose which photos to use in the slideshow in Settings.

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