5+1 ways to get Subtitles for your Movies

Ever try to watch a multi-lingual movie or even a foreign movie or a movie dubbed in another language only to figure our you’re totally clueless about what is happening.

That’s definitely happened with me. Fortunately, with most movie files you’ll usually find its associated subtitle files. The subtitles are available for several languages and not just English.

You’ll need a media player that allows you to load subtitle files when playing the movie. Most players today have support for subtitles.

Here are five websites and one software that will help satisfy your subtitle needs.

First the sites:


GetSubtitle.com is a simple looking site that gets the job done. You can enter the movie name and immediately start searching for subtitles for your movies.

You can click on the movie name in the search results and the website displays all the subtitles currently in their database. Filter by language or subtitle format (.srt, .sub etc.) and download the subtitle of your choice.

The interface is completely Ajax, so, you’ll need to wait a while for the results to display.

Also, if you’re regularly downloading subtitles, you may want to get hold of their software.


This one is a more complex site that GetSubtitle.com. You can search for subtitles, view the top downloads or even request for subtitles.

Unfortunately, downloading subtitles is not available to non-members, so you’ll need to signup at the site. Once you’re logged in you can download subtitles as well as add your own.

SubtitlesBox.com also doubles up to offer some regular entertainment news.

DivX Subtitles

DivX Subtitles is yet another site that has a huge collection of subtitles for download. You can search for subtitles by language, frame rate and other parameters.

Once you have the search results, you can immediately download the subtitles. The site doesn’t require any registration, except if you need to upload subtitles.

If you do not wish to search, you can just use the links 0-9 and A-Z available at the bottom of each page to browse through the list of subtitles available.


In my opinion, OpenSubtitles.org is the best looking site of the five that I’ve pointed you to in the list. You can enter the name of the movie you are hunting for, select the language and search. Alternatively, you can open the advanced search option or the very advanced search option.

The search results are not that accurate. I searched for Wall-E and it turned up to be the fifth result in the list, instead of the first.

The results page allows you to download the subtitles directly without registration. You can also search for the torrent of the movie or download covers from CDcovers.cc plus lot of other information across various sites.


Subscene is yet another site with a huge collection of subtitles. It’s a fast and easy to use site. Enter the movie title in the search box, view the results and immediately download the subtitle file.

You’ll need to have a user account in case you wish to rate the subtitles or upload your own subtitles.

And, now for the software:


Sublight is a simple yet very powerful desktop application that allows you to search for and download subtitles.


Main features:

  • auto subtitle search,
  • manual search,
  • preview subtitle before download,
  • subtitle ratings and commenting,
  • subtitle lists: “New”, “Favorites”, “Published by me” and “Downloaded by me”,
  • subtitle download statistics,
  • all subtitles in primary database are saved in Unicode encoding,
  • Windows Explorer integration (optional),
  • video playback for downloaded subtitles (with just one double click),
  • video codec detection,
  • support for VLC, BS.Player, Media Player Classic, KMPlayer, Windows Media Player, Zoom Player and GOM player,
  • registered users can publish new subtitles (registration is free and very simple),
  • easy to use and modern user interface,
  • auto update capability,
  • plugin framework for searching subtitles from other sources,
  • available in English, Slovenian and Serbian language
  • support for OpenSubtitles.org, Podnapisi.NET and divx-titlovi.com database,
  • SublightCmd command line interface for advanced users

How often do you download subtitles? Do you prefer the websites or the software to download the subtitles?

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