5 Websites to Scan for Viruses Online

When it comes to security I prefer a reliable anti-virus that can minimize the risk of an infection and protect your PC from any harm. A good way to do is by scanning your computer for viruses online. Advantage of scanning these files online is that the engine used by the scanner is usally up to date and the risk of a virus infection of the virus scanner is not present. You can use the following websites to find out if your PC is infected.

1. BitDefender

BitDefender is a well known scanner which features Virus scanning and removed along with scheduled scanning, immediate scanning, skingable interface, Quarantine and reports.


BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand virus scanner which incorporates the award-winning BitDefender scanning engines. You can use it to scan your system’s memory, all files and drives’ boot sectors, and to automatically clean infected files.

2. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is one of my favorite Anti-virus programs which has proven expertise in protecting against viruses, Internet worms, email worms, Trojans and other malicious programs. It has the highest virus and spyware detection rates. It features accurate and thorough antivirus scanning , easy installation and configuration.


Kaspersky free online virus scanner is a great way to find out if you have any viruses or spyware on your machine without having to uninstall your current antivirus software or install a new one.

3. F-Secure


F-Secure is another free web based antivirus that can be used to find out if your computer is infected. It automatically downloads the necessary components and virus definition databases as it is started. It supports operating systems like Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP Home Edition and Professional 32-bit and Windows 2000 SP 4 and unfortunately it only works with  Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or plus and you need to have ActiveX enabled.

4. Windows Live Oncare online scanner


Windows Live Oncare online scanner checks your viruses in your computer. More importantly, it also helps you remove all of them. It helps you get rid of junk on your hard disk and improves your Pc’s performance.

5.  MacAfee


McAfee Virus Scan Engine is a award winning Anti-virus that helps you detect viruses on your computer and then gives you a detailed list of any infected files on. Once the scanning is done it;s FreeScan even provides links to more information about the viruses and what you can do to clean your system.


7 thoughts on “5 Websites to Scan for Viruses Online”

  1. I like the bitdefender online scanner, it’s really great, comparing to other online scanners, this scanner also cleans up your pc when it finds some viruses. Bitdefender launched also some time ago a new type of scanner named Qscan, you can find it at http://qscan.bitdefender.com

  2. Hey Mark, I developed a site that will dojust that called ScanThis — http://scanthis.net/

    It will download a file at a url that you provide, then scan it for viruses using the trusted Clam AV engine. It will also handle uploaded files & we have a simple API that you can use in your own applications.

    Check it out!

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