5 Free Tools To Help You Organize And Manage Difficulties

Time management and organization comes naturally to some people. If the habit is not innate in a person, it can be cultivated through years of upbringing which focuses on management. For these people sorting their daily routine is no problem at all and done as easily as breathing. But for people who are in the middle of their adult life and still have problems organizing schedules and meetings, a little outside help is required. That is where various tools such as computer programs come into play; they help us better organize ourselves and more efficiently manage our time.

Below you will find our compiled list of five of the best organizational freeware programs which can greatly help people with time management difficulties. Read on and find out which program can make your days easier and more productive.

01. WhenIsGood

The first tool in our list is a website titled WhenIsGood. Often while scheduling meetings or events, a lot of time is utilized on figuring out a time convenient for all attendees. Doing so the traditional way, by personally checking with each other, is what consumes so much valuable time. With WhenIsGood, users can mark their available dates on their individual online calendars. This way, the planner is able to see the common and uncommon available dates and plan the event/meeting accordingly. To take advantage of the site’s features one need not register for any account (although registering for one is possible). All that needs to be done is click on GET STARTED and one can begin marking the available dates on the calendar and invite attendees.

2. fbCal

fbCal is wonderful calendar application for Facebook. With this nifty tool, one can synchronize all calendars being used on iCal, Outlook, Sunbird, or Google Calendar. The events we have RSVP’d on Facebook are automatically incorporated into our calendars. This application provides us a way to maintain multiple calendars via only one dashboard, which will be on Facebook.

3. WarrantyElephant

Organization becomes a big problem when it comes to warranty documents and purchase receipts. Misplacing the required documents often means that we can no longer claim the warranty on a particular item. To avoid such a problem, we can use the free online service WarrantyElephant to store the different warranty information of our items. After creating a username, we can create entries for our items and feed in the details (such as purchase date, price, serial number, model, manufacturer, etc.) for every entry. We can also upload three images (maximum size 1MB each) with each entry. WarrantyElephant’s service ensures that our carelessness with the original documents will not cost us losing our warranty.

4. ViewYourMind

Often while working on a project, writing a paper or essay, we find ourselves brainstorming for ideas. The quantity of these ideas soon increases to a large number and we find that it becomes increasingly difficult to organize them all mentally. For this reason we make use of mind-maps and tree-diagrams. With ViewYourMind, such diagrams can be easily and quickly made, saving us time and increasing our productivity. ViewYourMind is an installable application available for Mac and Linux systems. Its users have lauded the functions it performs; it can definitely help out in giving our ideas a better structure.

5. Rootein

The lack of organizational skills can be attributed to lack of will power. Due to this lacking, people often leave their plans unfinished. The plans to lose weight or start working out are often abandoned before they reach completion. Rootein is an online program that helps us keep our planned routines in check. We start by creating a username and feeding a new routine into the database along with the time we plan on spending on it. Then in a calendar-like view, we can mark and see the days we carried out our plans. Notifications let us know if we ignore our routine for three days in a row. If we keep up our plans for 21 days, Rootein declares that particular plan as ‘completed;’ if we can keep it up for 21 days, we no longer need the Rootein’s assistance to monitor our progress. This online tool is a nifty method to keep reminding us of our planned goals and provide us with the extra push that some of us need.

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