5 Cool Resources for Book Lovers

If you are a book lover and are looking for good places to find, read, swap or even create your own book clubs, check out these nifty resources.

1- SwapTree


SwapTree is a great place where you can trade books for free.

2- PDF Geni


PDF Geni is a nifty search engine for all book lovers. It lets you find and download books in PDF format easily.

3- Wattpad


Wattpad lets you read and share books on your mobile phone.

4- Book Sprouts


With book sprouts, you can create your own book club and sharing your reading experiences.

5- BookGlutton


BookGlutton is a great resource for book lovers and it lets you read books online with others for free.


3 thoughts on “5 Cool Resources for Book Lovers”

  1. I’m a fellow stumbler and as stumblers we always thumbs up a site we like, but I don’t know of one stumbler that will thumbs up a site (even if they like it) that has a banner reminder to thumbs up. We really don’t like seeing that…something to think about. I will give you a thumbs up since I ranted on your comments.

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