5 cool iPhone Apps Especially for Women

There have been some great mobile apps on the iOS platform. Thousands of apps hit the app store every month and you can find apps for almost anything. Most women prefer using an iPhone, I cannot understand the logic behind it, but probably women find an iPhone more attractive than any other kind of phone. According to studies around 31 percent women prefer using an iPhone rather than any other phone. There are some great apps for women on the iPhone platform. Let’s have a look at some of them.

iPhone Apps

Women’s Health Workout

A very unique app for women and actually it aims at keeping women fit and healthy. The apps include workouts devised by different professional trainers and athletes. You can actually choose a workout of your choice, and start working out. The app will record the number of reps you have done and will give you a report of your workout. It will also count the number of sessions that you have done of a workout. As it is developed by the Women’s Health Magazine and that is why these workouts are specially devised for women. It is a paid app but its worth the money and it will help you stay healthy.

Family Organizer

Mothers are probably the busiest people in the world as they have to do many things during the source of the day. So it is likely that they may forget a few things. The Family Organizer app will help a working mother to keep all her family information handy. As a working mother you won’t miss any appointments or events that you have to attend. This is a great app for working mothers. Not only that you can also jot down your thoughts and ideas or some notes that you might have. So this app will basically help you stay on top of things and you will be able to be anywhere you want.


Web MD

A medical application is a must have for any woman. The web MD will help women to know about her illnesses and her symptoms. What makes this app unique is that it provides the user with a symptom checker, pill identification tools and along with that treatment options. This app will also provide you with a list of the nearest doctors so that you can choose a nearby doctor and get treatment for your illnesses. This app will help you to keep an eye out for diseases but do not forget to consult a doctor.


The Coupons App

Most women like to shop. You would hardly come across a woman who does not like to shop. This app will provide you with coupons for your favorite products from your favorite stores. You can also save your coupon to a calendar and use it on the specific day. It also has a store locator which will help you to find the nearest store, where you can use these coupons. With the help of this coupons you can avail the best of offers and save some money.

Dinner Spinner

This list would be incomplete without an app related to food. This is app for women from all age groups. This app is loaded with recipes and it will help you find the ingredients that you need. Once you find the ingredients you can cancel the ingredient that has been found. Once you are ready to cook this app will give you instructions on how to cook. Women can create their own recipes while others can use the ones that are provided in the app. It is a great app for any woman who wants to learn more recipes.


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