3 Websites to Automatically Reload Web Pages

Sometime we need the webpages we are viewing to be refreshed regularly. One example could be posting on an active forum and being eager to read the response to your post. Another situation where you might want the page to refresh regularly is while you are using your social networking account – a situation when you would like to be instantly aware of any notifications. Website owners might want the latest traffic statistics of their site – another reason to keep refreshing the page showing the stats.

Below we have listed three tools which will greatly help you in similar situations where it becomes necessary to have your pages refreshed at a regular rate.

1. Page Reboot

Page Reboot is a free website that lets you enter the URL of the site you want refreshed and even specify the time interval (in seconds) after which your page will keep on refreshing. The site even has its own bookmarklet which can be dragged onto your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Suppose you are viewing a page and you click on Page Reboot’s bookmarklet in your browser, the bookmarklet’s site will open with the URL (of the page you were viewing) already pasted into the field; all that will be left to do is specify the time interval.

2. Site Reloader

Site Reloader is another free website that takes a website’s URL from you and asks the interval after which you want the site to be refreshed. Again, the user can specify the time interval in seconds. Although unlike Page Reboot, Site Reloader does not have its own bookmarklet, it has another great feature: it lets you create a free account. You can sign in with your Google account if you like. The advantage of using your account is that your windows list is stored and each time you sign into Site Reloader, you need not re-specify the URLs or the time intervals.

3. ReloadEvery

For Firefox users, ReloadEvery will be the best site-refreshing to go with. It is a Firefox add-on with which a user can easily choose the rate at which pages are refreshed. When the add-on is installed and enabled, simply right-click anywhere in the viewable site area and select the refresh rate:

Only the current tab being viewed affected and if a new URL is clicked on or entered in the address bar, then ReloadEvery is reset.

Depending on the programs you run, choose what tool suits your best from the top three and spare your fingers all that clicking when constantly refreshing your website.


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