3 Useful Application Launchers for Mac

Application launchers are basically used to save time and avoid browsing your hard drive to look for applications you want to launch. Following are some of the most useful Application Launchers you can use if you’re using a Mac.

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HimmelBar is an excellent Mac application which provides an icon in the menu bar so that you can easily access your installed applications by scanning standard locations such as local, user, network and developer applications.It also gives you the option to add a custom location such as the Classic Applications folder, or any other folder of your hard disk that contains applications.


Download HimmelBar


QuickSilve provides unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data. Quicksilver can be given the ability to understand the data inside of files, allowing you to work with data in new, faster ways.


The effort of frequent tasks fades into the background allows you to act without thinking. Quicksilver becomes an extension of yourself; the process fades away leaving only the results.

Download QuickSilver


Namely is an easy to use application which claims to provide the fastest way to open applications. Simply download the software and activate it using your preferred keyboard shortcut, start typing part of an application’s name and see a list of matches as you type.


Download Namely


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