A great startpage can save us a lot of time. By providing us simple access to the links we frequent most, a good startpage helps us get things done faster and more efficiently.

Below you will find my gathered list of 3 unique startpages each of wh

ich serves a unique purpose. If you are looking for a startpage to enhance your browsing experience, read about each entry in the list and check out which one suits your preferences and needs.


Schoolr is the dream-startpage for students. The simple layout is basic and comprehensive at the same time. It is basic because it only involves straightforward text fields. And it is comprehensive because it provides links to various types of searches such Google, pictures, Wikipedia, a dictionary and thesaurus, and Wolfram (a great mathematics tools). For a student, this startpage offers all necessary links related to studies.


Fav4 is a startpage that strives to get rid of the clutter which most startpages experience. We can use only four shortcuts on Fav4. These shortcuts can be selected from Fav4’s huge library which mostly comprises of the most popular websites on the internet. With the absence of online ads, its minimalistic feel is something that will appeal to many internet users.


HomePage Startup is a quite a comprehensive startpage and normally what most internet users opt for. Not only can we add our custom bookmarks and their titles, but we can also drag them around to reorder them. We can create a username on the website so that our startpage goes with us wherever we can access the internet.

Those were 3 startpages which I considered unique enough to put into a singular list post. If you can think of any other startpages that are special in one way or other, do share them with me in the comments.

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