3 Free Websites To Let you find Icons Online

Featuring a list of top websites I recently discovered that lets you search and download icons of almost any kind and category.


Just as the name suggests, IconFinder is a free online web service that lets you search over 90,000 web icons by using your desired keyword. There is also an option to find these icons by browsing them by icon sets and tags.

Since it filters the resutls by icon size, background color it becomes an easy to use online tool for finding icons. You can download any icon with just a click of a button in PNG and ICO format. What I like the best about IconFinder is that it lets you search and download icons without even registering on it.


Last but not the least it gives you additional information of icons including its license type, publisher, different sizes and other icons from the same set.


Iconza is unique in its own way. Unlike many other web services it offers customizable chameleon icons and lets you pick your color and size. Meaning it will allow you to customize icons to fit any website and design. As soon as your icon is ready you can easily download any specific icon or the whole set of icons that matches your preferred colors.


Customize and Download your free icons with Iconza.


Iconpot offers a list of web development icons that be used for both free and personal commercial. As soon as you will hit the website you will notice these icons are categorized in a way you can find your desired icon in a matter on minutes.


For example if you are looking for “Hand” icons you will jump to the “Hand Icons” part and download your desired icon easily or lets say you’re looking for “Project icons” simply browse through the page and you will find various web and project related icons in PNG format related to your niche.


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