3 Free Fun Tools To Make Your Computer Educational for Kids

Research has proved time and again that children learn more effectively if the learning process if made interactive and fun. The coupling of educational techniques with fun has often led to the use of the term ‘funducational’.

Computers have shown themselves to be great learning resources. There are programs available that make learning easy for children by applying the same ‘funducational’ theory: learning should be interactive and fun.

If you are a parent looking for some free programs to help your young ones in their early grades, then we have three programs you will definitely be interested in. Read on to know what these programs are and try them yourself to see what they bring to the table.

1. Tux Typing

Tux Typing is a game that improves the typing speed of your young one along with increasing his/her knowledge about a particular subject. There are two games included (Fish Cascade and Comet Zap), both of which work in a similar fashion. A penguin is shown at the bottom of the screen and words fall from the sky onto the penguin slowly. A person needs to type the falling word on the keyboard and make it disappear before it reaches the penguin.


A score is kept at the top right of the screen and as the levels increase, so does the falling speed of the words. Before you start either game, you are prompted to choose the subject the words will be relevant to. You can also access the game’s options and modify the word list by adding or removing words.

As mentioned before, Tux Type improves the typing speed of a child as well as increasing their knowledge by introducing them to words they might not have known of before.

2. Mathemagic

Mathemagic is a free game that focuses on the improving your child’s mathematical skills of basic arithmetic. You start off with selecting the number system to be used (metric or imperial) and your currency. Then a skill from Number Skills, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, or Money needs to be chosen to start the respective game. Suppose you choose Division, a question will be presented with supporting pictures (to make it more visually interesting); the user will answer that question to move on to the next one:


If a certain problem gets difficult one can click on Clues or Choice buttons for assistance.

By completing each skill one by one, your child will be able to strengthen his basic arithmetic skills quite easily.

3. Tux of Math Command

This game is much like Tux Typing but instead of falling words it shows falling mathematical calculations. The player needs to enter the answer to prevent a certain calculation reaching the ground and hitting the penguin.


This game also improves typing speed but more importantly it helps children increase the speed with which they do math in their minds.

If you have a young one at home, try any (or better yet, all) of these simple to use games and see how eager your child will be to learn through them.

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