I press the CTRL+C and CTRL+V combinations many times a day. Writing articles and blogging about technology related events, I often have to copy text and paste it into my article. This usually happens when I am about to quote somebody. Surely you too

use copying and pasting on your computer. It might even be one of the most used Windows tasks we perform on our text.

Today I will be sharing 3 tools that will make copying and pasting text a lot easier on our computers. If you thought that the given hotkey shortcuts were as convenient as it could get, you would not be thinking the same after reading my list of 3 tools.


CopyPasteTool is a simple Windows freeware program that enables multiple copy-pasting at a time. It sits in our System Tray (the left most icon in the image above). Normally when we copy a text using the CTRL+C combination, we copy over the any text previous copied to clipboard. So if now we paste using CTRL+V, we only have access to the new text and not the old. With CopyPasteTool, we can keep on copying text using the CTRL+C key combination and to paste the latest text we use CTRL+V; to paste previously copied texts we hold down the CTRL button and keep on pressing V until we get our text. We can clear our copied text library by pressing CTRL+C+C. This application is merely 100KB in size to download.

xNeat Clipboard Manager

This application is another freeware tool that eases copy-pasting tasks. Sized at nearly 600KB, it is compatible with Windows operating systems. xNeat is also very userfriendly. It captures clipboard items as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard, and you can simply bring up a menu containing all the previously copied items and select the item you want to paste from it using a hotkey.

Multiple Clipboards

The last entry in my list is Multiple Clipboards, a 500KB freeware that works on Windows. It manages two clipboards which can be easily remembered. The first clipboard operates under the default keys: CTRL+C (or X or V). The second clipboard uses the same functions but with the Windows key instead of the CTRL key. Furthermore a history of the last 20 text that were copied in each clipboard are stored in the application.

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