3 Excellent Chrome Extensions To Manage Gmail Account

The internet user’s life is constantly being made easier by Google. From their wonderful search engine to speedy internet browser, Google has come up with products that have revolutionized our internet experience.

Such is the reputation of Google

that many people stick to Google-only products. For instance many computer users use Chrome as their default web browser, Gmail as their email client, Gtalk as their instant messaging client, and so on. For such fans of Google we present our list of three Chrome extensions which will make handling Gmail on Chrome a lot easier and faster. Read on about each entry; you are surely to find all of them useful.

1. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker’s name clearly hints what function it performs. This extension places an icon on your Chrome address bar which displays the number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox. If one needs to access one’s Gmail account, all he/she has to do is click on the extension’s icon; he/she will be redirected to Gmail. This extension is simple to use and performs its function flawlessly.

2. Google Reader Notifier

Google Reader Notifier notifies users of the unread entries in their Google Reader account. A quick preview of the entries can be seen by clicking on the icon which then shows the entries’ preview in a drop down window. Google Reader users who use Chrome as their default browser are surely to benefit from this extension.

3. Send from Gmail

Send from Gmail is a great extension that places its icon in your Chrome address bar. Whenever you are on a webpage and want to email any text from that page here is what you do: highlight the text and click on this icon. A new Chrome window will open which will take you to Gmail’s composition page. The message in this email will be your highlighted text and the subject will be the page title of the webpage you had open. In these simple steps, Chrome users can greatly speed up the way they send emails from Gmail.


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