2 Free Ways To Access iTunes Without Installing iTunes Software

Today’s computers offer great speed and functionality over their predecessors. Higher RAM bus speeds, increased cache sized, and higher clock rates all combine together to give the user a great computer experience. But even with the great machines, the iTunes Player is something of a menace.

Most people use the iTunes player to transfer media from (or to) their Apple devices and download music from iTunes. Essentially the player simply acts as a media player and sort of an internet browser. Now let us do some quick calculations: a good enough media player and internet browser on the internet today usually do not exceed the size of 20MB each (we are talking about the size of the setup files required to download). So even if the iTunes Player was to offer each and every task of a media player and internet browser, common sense says that it should be sized at around 40MB. But those estimates are shockingly exceeded by the approximately 100MB download file one has to get in order to install iTunes.

But the difficulty does not end there. The iTunes player has been reported to slow systems down, have a poor performance itself, and often freeze up your screen. On lower end systems, it gets worse.

It is quite easy to use an alternative and not rely on the iTunes Player while transferring files to and from our iPhones or iPods. What we need iTunes for is to download the stuff available at the iTunes Store website. Today we will be showing you two websites that will minimize your usage of the iTunes Player and make life easier.

iTunes Preview


iTunes Preview is Apple’s own catalogue of the music available on the iTunes Store. Before you fire up your iTunes Player just to look what you can buy from the Store, save your computer’s load and simply open up your internet browser. Head on over to iTunes Preview and easily find whether or not the music you seek is available.

Cataloguing is done according to genres, artists/bands, and their albums. Unfortunately this preview site does not let one preview songs or purchase them from within our internet browser – we can only look.

To buy the music or sample it, you will still need to use the iTunes Player. However by using this Preview site before your iTunes Player, you will make sure that your computer’s resources are not being unnecessarily hogged.

App Store


The App Store is a website which lets users download from an array of available application, movies/songs, audio-books, and games for their iPhone or iPod. The site hosts both paid and free applications and both are easily available. As far as music is concerned, the site has the sample files in M4A format which can be streamed or downloaded conveniently.

Everything is categorized brilliantly with classifications ranging from sports to healthcare. With the App Store you almost never need to use the iTunes Player; however there are some instances still when you will need it (such as downloading music directly off the iTunes Store).

If you are an iPod or iPhone, start browsing the abovementioned websites and see how drastically they reduce your use of the iTunes Player.

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