1Weather gives you the best weather experience on Android

If you have the Google Search app on your Android lets you quickly view the current weather of the location that you’re in, but anything more than that is just a painful experience!

I’ve been searching for a decent weather app and came across 1Weather which is simply a cool app if you’re interested in monitoring the weather around you or any other city in the world.


1Weather gives you real-time weather information and forecasts plus weather related tweets from your area that tell you what real people are saying about current weather conditions. All this is presented in a beautifully designed, easy to use and understand interface.

Give it a shot. You’ll be checking weather updates continuously!

Key features

  • Real-time weather and forecasts
  • Extreme weather warnings and radar (US and Canada only)
  • 7-day forecast and precipitation info
  • Sunrise, Sunset, and Lunar stage
  • Radar, air quality and UV charts
  • Stylish and intuitive interface
  • Beautiful icons provide at-a-glance info
  • Weather Tweets from people near you
  • Weather photos from around the country
  • Customizable themes

Download 1Weather from the Google Play store

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