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Techtites is dedicated at providing its readers with fresh well written content in a crystal clear and easy to understand format. Over the years, we have welcomed guest contributors to submit articles and many of these have been featured and well received.

The usual method of getting your article published on this site would be to first go through the guidelines below and contact us. If we like what you have to offer, we’ll askĀ  you to send us your article in Word format with relevant, copyright-free high quality images.


Please note the following guidelines when composing the posts. These have been written with the intention of helping you compose your posts better

  • Content: While we are very flexible on the topics that we post, it goes without saying the topic needs to be related to technology. Additionally, the content needs to be useful for our readers. Posts written solely to advertise products or game search engine rankings will be rejected
  • Linking: We have a strict policy on linking from this blog. If you’re not following Google’s guidelines on linking while drafting your post, we reserve the right to edit your link or reject your post.
  • Length: Your guest post should be at least 250 words long. Longer posts are welcome. If your post is over 2,000 words, do consider if this can be split across multiple posts to make a series
  • Media: Please make sure that you include at least one relevant image to the post. Consider designating this as a “Featured Image”. If you’re writing a post with a list of items, please include an image for each item. To avoid legal issues at a future date, please make sure that these are not copyrighted and attribute the original sources wherever necessary. Videos are also welcome.
  • Language: Posts need to be in English only. Please make sure your posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling and factual errors
  • Formatting: All posts need to be cleanly formatted. Please use <h2> and <h3> tags in the article instead of <strong> to display headers.
  • Exclusivity: Any content you submit in your guest post should not be submitted or posted anywhere else. This is important to ensure that this blogged isn’t flagged for duplicate content. An exception is content that comes from one of your products, but please ensure that such content is a part of your post and not the post in its entirety
  • Tags and categories: Techtites has several categories and tags ready for use. Please select the appropriate categories you want to file your post under. Also add a few relevant tags. If you’re looking for tag suggestions, check the “Suggested tags from” section at the bottom of the Add New Post page.
  • Comments: We also request you to regularly check the comments on your posts and respond to them as required.
  • Copyright: Please do not do anything that could be considered copyright infringement. This includes using videos, pictures, audio, content and other media not owned exclusively by you, or without permission of the copyright owner.


If you would like to write for us, please fill in the form below with your details. Include a sample of a few articles that you have written for us to take a look at. Additionally, if you have any topic in mind, do mention this.

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Before you hit the Send button above, please note that I instantly reject posts that have links in them that are solely to game search engines, even if they “appear” to be related to the article. If you’re Guest Blogging for SEO only, do check out Matt Cutt’s article which tells you why you shouldn’t.

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