WordPress Wednesday: Make Auction Ads Contextual

Techtites Daily: WordPress Wednesday

Techtites Daily: WordPress Wednesday

AuctionAds (aff) launched yesterday. AuctionAds lets you display live eBay auctions.

I was introduced to AuctionAds by Mark of WLTC. And John Chow has a great review of the entire system.

Unfortunately, AuctionAds is not contextual, which means you won’t get any targetted ads on your site. You do get to specify the keywords you want, but what if we could generate these automatically on a post by post basis?

If you have Ultimate Tag Warrior installed then doing so is extremely simple.

Once you generate the AuctionAds code (you need to signup first (aff)) you will find that the keywords are listed at auctionads_ad_kw. These need to be seperated by semicolons.

If you are using Simple Tagging, you can modify the value of auctionads_ad_kw with:

auctionads_ad_kw= "<?php STP_MetaKeywords('','',';','none'); ?>";

In order to generate these with UTW, modify the value of the variable auctionads_ad_kw with:

auctionads_ad_kw= "<?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost("", array ("default"=>"; %tagdisplay%", "first"=>"%tagdisplay%","last"=>"; %tagdisplay%")); ?>";

If you want an explanation of the code used above, you can refer my post Targeting Chitika Ads with UTW.

You can see auction ads in my right sidebar. The contextual version is at the bottom right of this post.

Do signup (aff), and put the code on your site and provide me with feedback on the performance. Atleast give it a month to see how it really is working out for you.

Disclaimer: The recent policy decisions from Adsense allow you to run other contextual ad networks on the same page as adsense except that the look has to be different. Additionally, the method listed above isn’t a true contextual. You are basically just feeding the keywords.

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34 Responses to “WordPress Wednesday: Make Auction Ads Contextual”

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  4. gidibao says:

    thanks Ajay!

    best regards

  5. Ajay says:

    So, did you signup?

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  7. gidibao says:

    Yes, I did!
    and your code works fine 😉

    thanks again Ajay :)

  8. Ajay says:

    Great! Which plugin are you using?

  9. gidibao says:

    I have installed the “Ultimate Tag Warrior (3.14)” plugin on WordPress 2.1.2

    Auction Ads with your code is awesome! 😉

    I can read English and understand most of what’s said, but I can’t write it very well :)

  10. Ajay says:

    Thanks for confirming that it is working perfectly with UTW. I got Simple Tagging on this blog and it is working with that.

  11. gidibao says:

    You’re welcome Ajay.
    Yes, I can confirm it: your code works properly with UTW.
    It is in comments.php


  12. Thanks! I’m installing UTW right now to work with AuctionAds. I saw John Chow’s review and signed up this morning.

  13. knupNET says:

    Thanks for the tip Ajay! Will give it a try.

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  15. […] Ajay has knocked together some code for making AuctionAds to a certain extent "contextual", either using UTW or SimpleTags Data. I don't think this approach is ideal currently, because I have had a chance to exchange emails with Ddn and currently the widget uses keywords supplied randomly rather than in priority order, unlike Chitika which uses a priority scale. This is something that will be fixed in the near future. […]

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  18. Anuj Seth says:

    I’ve just written a blog entry on AuctionAds on my website. The link is http://onlinepresence.blogsailor.com/2007/03/14/web-advertising-launch-of-auctionads/

    I’ve basically incorporated the AuctionAds ad on the blog as a trial and to be honest it was quite easy to use. Read more about it on my site.

  19. Dax Desai says:

    Where do I put the code? Anyone have an example? I want to put it at the end of each post. Any pointers are appreciated.

  20. Ajay says:

    Dax, you would have got the code from AuctionAds.

    In it you will find auctionads_ad_kw=
    You replace this entire line upto the semi-colon (;) with the code above.

  21. gmo says:

    I don’t have the tagwarrior plugin but use autometa which has been working well. For the code you suggest to replace, I used the post title

    as the value between the quotes for that line.

    and it seems to be working OK.

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  23. […] UTW tag as the keywords (source). auctionads_ad_kw= “<?php UTW_ShowTagsForCurrentPost(””, array […]

  24. Interesting, however your AuctionAds block is showing ads for phones and hard drives. Has something changed to stop this working?


  25. Ajay says:

    From what I read, though you do submit the keywords, it may not be all that accurate, and depends on what is available on auction.

  26. […] Techtites, show how to make contextual Auction Ads keyword […]

  27. deanc says:

    Very interesting concept…will investigate for sure.

  28. Do you know that using UTW can makes the Supplemental Result in Google’s index?

  29. sabine says:

    Installing is easy, finding the right keywords seems more of an issue here. For me neither meta tags nor blog tags would work because there are no related auctions. Better ideas tan keying braod keywords in by hand?

  30. […] However, WordPress users who use Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin can use tags as the keywords for the AuctionAds. Using this method you can have more relevant ads on your single post pages and thus earn more. Techtites has explained on how to do this here. […]

  31. yosax says:

    That’s a good idea.
    The auction ads are more targeting now!
    Thank you!

  32. tuvie says:

    Using auctionads in a single page of wordpress can sometimes turn into trouble. I found out about this after changing my themes, but probably it’s my theme, can’t make it work again :(

  33. Thanks for the code. Really helpful 😉

  34. […] those using wordpress techtites have a great article on how to implement contextual auction ads with the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin making them relevant to your […]

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