WordPress Wednesday: Install themes and plugins in a click with OneClick

WordPress Wednesday
It is a lot pain installing any theme or plugin in your WordPress, logging in your FTp, uploading the file etc takes a lot of time and your net usage. But now a solution is here. Anirudh Sanjeev from Thoughts Outflux is here with an amazing plugin called OneClick.

OneClick makes it a lot easy to install any plugin or theme. It has an admin page where you can browse to the ZIP file of the theme or the plugin and choose whether its a plugin or a theme and then click the button. It will upload the file, then extract it and will also set it up for you. Then all you have to do is just go and activate that specific plugin or theme.

Install themes and plugins in a click with OneClick

It is very easy to install OneClick, just CHMOD 777 the Plugins folder, Themes folder and the OneClick folder.

This plugin is really helpful and I recommend everyone to use it who is new to FTPs and internet. As to the author, the upcoming release is gonna be very cool and loaded with new features! ;)

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