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Easiest way to create PDF files online

PDF is a popular document exchange format which is mostly used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. If you’re a sort of person who has to come across these files often and  looking for an easy way to create PDF files without needing to download any software then check out PrimoOnline. PrimoOnline is a web-based tool for creating PDF files.

How to convert HTML files to PDF online

We earlier wrote about how you can convert your PDF files to DOC online. If you have a web page and you would like to convert it to PDF, check out HTML to PDF converter. It is an easy to use web service that allows you to turn any web page into a PDF file online.

Software Saturday: Foxit Reader

Using Adobe Reader has been the traditional method of viewing PDFs, can’t blame them since they are after all the main folks behind the PDF revolution. However, one complain that everyone has had wrt Adobe Reader has been its massive load time. I will admit that the latest version, 8, does load extremely quickly.