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Opera acquires video optimization company Skyfire

Opera announced today that they have acquired Mountain View based Skyfire Labs. + On his blog, Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck commented: Opera and Skyfire are a natural fit. Both companies have extensive focus on operator products well beyond our well-known consumer web browsers, with complementary geographic strengths

Opera switches to Webkit from Presto

Opera announced today that they have crossed the 300m users mark. The browser has seen an increasing adoption amongst users across all its platforms. I've been using Opera for several years now at a time when it was ad-supported.

Opera 10 Alpha is out and it’s a perfect Acid3

Opera 10 Alpha has been released with brand new features that's made is faster, better and well as usual ready to capture its share back! Presto 2.2 Engine Performance boost 100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test Auto-update Inline spelling checker Opera Mail improvements, including rich text

Opera 9.2 – Now with SpeedDial

Think of Opera to find innovative methods to make our browsing smoother. The newest release of Opera now includes SpeedDial. SpeedDial looks very much like your regular phone dial and functions similar to your mobile phones' speed dial feature.