SK2 + Akismet = Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin

Are you currently using SK2 and like me have qualms switching over to the new Akismet?

Enter Spam Karm 2 Akismet Plugin by Sebbi

You will need to have a API Key for this to work, however you can easily get one by using Flock.

Simply upload the plugin into the sk2_plugins directory and goto the General Settings screen of Spam Karma and enter the API key there.

Sleep peacefully with the added protection :)

3 Responses to “SK2 + Akismet = Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin”

  1. prz. says:

    Hey! Do you remember me?! I’m back with my new blog. :) Tomorrow I must find few plugins, but blog works fine. Hopefully now I’ll post to my site everyday.

    Przemek from Poland

  2. Talina says:

    I cant find my API key, can someone help?

  3. Ajay D'Souza says:

    Did you read the post completely?

    I already gave you a link with the explanation.

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