No more beautiful Google Ads

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

In a stunning policy change, the Inside Adsense blog stated today that images next to Google ads will no longer be permitted.

Examples of ads which will not be permitted are:

Example 1 of Images next to Google Ads

Example 2 of Images next to Google Ads

Does this spell the end of one really good WordPress plugin?

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  1. […] – Last month's policy on images has been upheld and now listed in the Policy Page. – You can now add a link unit to the Search Results page if you are embedding the search results page in your site. – You may not have similar looking advertisements as your Google Adsense ads from any other ad network anywhere on your site containing the Google Ads. This means no more same color schemes. – You have now have upto two referral buttons on a page – Ads must not be displayed on Copyrighted material which you don't have exclusive permission for. This is definitely a boon for all of us getting our content stolen. […]

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