Motorola to Launch First Motoblur Phone in March 2010


Facebook and Twitter have their own individual appeals which is why many internet users use both social networks. But logging in to each account separately can become a hassle and time-consuming especially when a person is using more than just these

two social networks.

Computer users can find a solution to this problem in the form of various applications that combined our social networks and give us a single platform where once we have entered our social networking information, we are automatically signed in and are able to receive our messages and respond to them. Such a platform has been absent for cellphones for quite some time.

One mobile application that performs the abovementioned feature is Motoblur . Recently Motorola and Verizon announced the release of the greatly anticipated cellphone Devour which will be the first Verizon Wireless phone to feature Motoblur. The phone will be realseased in March 2010 and save users a lot of time when it comes to using their online social networks.

Motoblur is Devour’s forte but certainly not its only strongpoint.

The phone is based on Android OS which gives users access to a lot of applications. Users will have a lot of room for these applications and their own data because Devour comes with a pre-installed 8GB microSD card. Connectivity options include USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Following are some other key features of Devour which show its strengths in various areas:

  • Touch-sensitive navigation pad
  • 3.1” capacitive touch screen
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • Pre-loaded applications such as Gmail, Google Talk™, YouTube™, Google Search™ and Google Maps™ with Google Maps Navigation.

For a full set of specifications, visit the phone’s official site here.

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