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How to change the default color scheme of Word

By default Microsoft Word 2007 comes with a blue color scheme. However, Word 2007 also comes inbuilt with two separate themes, viz. Silver and Black.

Blue Color Scheme of Microsoft Word 2007

So, if you are bored of watching a blue Word, here’s how you can change it.

Firstly open Word Option by hitting the Office start button to the top left followed by Word Options as shown in the screenshot below. You can also open the same by hitting Alt + F + I.

Open Word Options

Under Popular you can change the color scheme by selecting from the drop down box labeled Color scheme.

Select from the drop down box labeled Color Scheme

Here’s what the Silver and Black color schemes of Word 2007 look like.

Silver Color Scheme of Word 2007 Black Color Scheme of Word 2007

So, which is your favorite color scheme?

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