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Folx: Excellent Downloading Client For Torrent

I have a desktop and a netbook, both of which run Windows. For downloading regular files, I use Internet Download Manager and for torrents I use uTorrent. So far there has not been a single downloading client that competently manages regular files as

well as torrent downloads. Mac users however do not face the same situation.

Mac users usually employ Transmission for torrent downloading and another client for regular file downloads. Now there is a freeware available to them that eliminates the need of having 2 programs installed for downloading. This solution is called Folx.

Folx is a freeware downloading client for Mac operating systems. In addition to having all of Transmission’s features, it is also a competent regular-file downloading client. As download managers work, Folx distributes the files into threads and downloads them from different sources; this gives us the maximum possible downloading speed. Downloads that get interrupted can be resumed at a later time. Regular file downloads can be paused as well.

When it comes to torrent downloading, we all know that port forwarding plays a key role. Folx supports choosing the maximum number of transfers, proxy servers, and NAT-PMP; all these things facilitate port forwarding and will help achieve maximum downloading speeds on torrents.

Apart from these features, downloads can automatically be recognized by Folx and added to the main download queue. Plus the files downloaded can be set up to be sorted into folders which we specify; this means we can set up Folx to place our audio downloads in one folder, our video downloads in the other folder, and so on.

Great Mac freeware applications are undoubtedly a rarity. Therefore all Mac users should get their hands on Folx as soon as possible.

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