Welcome to the downloads section here on Techtites. Find below a collection of downloads written by me and some of the other writers here on Techtites.

Excel Files

Division with SUMPRODUCT example

Excel File containing VLOOKUP example

View related post: Excel Tutorial: VLOOKUP primer

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Excel File containing INDEX MATCH example

View related post: Excel Tutorial: INDEX MATCH primer

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 Excel File containing Goal Seek example

Learn how to use Goal Seek in Microsoft Excel 2007

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Excel File containing One Variable Data Table example

Excel File containing Two Variables Data Table example

Read how you can create Two Variables Data Tables in Microsoft Excel 2007

Download1653 downloads

Excel File containing SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF and SUMIFS example

Learn how to use SUMIF with Multiple Conditions

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Sort Start Menu

Zip file containing a .reg and .bat that will sort your start menu and bookmarks alphabetically. Read corresponding post.

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Clear Print Spooler

Learn how you can Simplify clearing the Windows Print Spooler Queue with a simple .bat file

Download1040 downloads

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