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Downloads fixed

I noticed a few days back the downloads from this site weren't working. Finally got down to tracking down an old backup and restoring the necessary files. The downloads section of the website should now be fixed.

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If you are reading this post in your feedreader, click here to visit the blog. I have refreshed the color scheme of this blog. While it is still being powered by the same theme, I chose to go in for a shade of maroon instead of the

How are we doing on our Goals?

Long long back, at the beginning of the year I decided to set some goals for this blog. I decided it is time to take stock of these goals and see how I have progressed. Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful in fulfilling the goals!

New Downloads Section on Techtites

Over the last few years at Techtites, we've covered several posts on Excel as well as tiny utilities that made life simple. These have remained in the posts and well, not everyone drops into every post! So, I finally decided to dedicate a separate section on this