Transmission 2.0 BitTorrent Client Released

Everyone who uses peer-2-peer sharing via torrents knows, or at some point, used Transmission. It is one of the most popular bitTorrent downloading clients all over the world, used by many. Transmission is a community developed, multi-platform bitTorrent client which is the default torrent application in many distros of Linux including Ubuntu.

Reply FaceBook Comments Through Email Now

There is a good chance that a lot of our readers have an account on Facebook. Being an increasingly popular online social network, the number of Facebook’s members is increasing exponentially. The network is kept interesting with the use of various third party applications (such as Mafia Wars and Farmville) and by the introduction of newer and better features in the website design.

Phishing Scams Target Major Email Service Providers

Much like me, many of us use the same password for multiple email accounts and websites. While this practice makes managing passwords an easier job, it also means that only one of our accounts needs to be compromised in order for all of them to be compromised. One way hackers compromise our passwords is via phishing scams.

Protect Your Private/Personal Data on the Internet with SafeKeys

Spyware is growing nuisance for computer users. For users this is the most harmful threat specially the ones who enter their private/personal data onto their computers; information such as passwords, credit card numbers, physical addresses, phone numbers, and research papers. Keyloggers are perhaps the most dangerous type of spyware.

Top 7 Stories of the Day

According to Me. So I’m back just a day later with 7 more stories for you to check out. Of course, their importance depends a lot on how aligned your priorities are with mine, however even if you’re from a different planet it’s fun to ‘throw caution to the wind’ sometimes..