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Google now Prints Ads

Early November, I reported that Google plans on extending its Adwords program to Newspapers as well. The news is finally out with the release of Google Print Ads. They are even running a special promotion where you can sign up and publish a newspaper ad by August 31, 2007.

About these ads

Money Making Monday: Get paid to surf

Everyone has been waiting long for the release of the Agloco’s Viewbar which enables you to get paid for surfing sponsored sites and pages. Now after surfing a lot on internet, I found out a hidden and new website which also pays to surf sponsored pages but without installing anything or waiting for any release. 😀 AdBux.

Adsense introduces ad placements

In a bid to improve performance of individual ad units, Adsense has introduced ad placements. In addition to creating a custom channel, you can now designate it to be available to advertisers. The screenshot above (from the Inside Adsense blog) shows you how to create / edit a custom channel and designate it to be an ad placement.

Adsense Policy Updates

In its latest blog posting at Inside Adsense, Google has stated a complete rework of its Policy Page along with policy changes for Google Adsense. The gist of the changes is: – Last month’s policy on images has been upheld and now listed in the Policy Page. – You can now add a link unit to the Search Results page if you are embedding the search results page in your site.

Money Making Monday: Chitika

I’ve written about making money through advertisements using Google Adsense and TLA. These are two which have helped me keep my earnings even so far (read can do a lot better still). Yet another popular program is Chitika eMiniMalls which has worked wonders for some and just not worked for others.