M&A and Tieups

It’s a Wretch for Yahoo!

According to reports from BakuToday, Yahoo! Kimo has said it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire WRETCH, a Taiwanese social media content provider of weblosg and online photo album services. WRETCH has around 6.

BitTorrent Acquires µTorrent

BitTorrent has acquired µTorrent, a small BitTorrent client, for an undisclosed sum. “BitTorrent recognizes µTorrent’s exceptionally well-written codebase and robust user community,” said Bram Cohen, chief executive and co-founder of BitTorrent, in a statement. “By teaming with BitTorrent, we will benefit from a truly global reach and technology leadership to deliver the best experience for our users,” said Ludvig Strigeus, developer of µTorrent, in a statement.

Yahoo! acquires Bix

Bix announced today that they have signed an agreement to be acquired by Yahoo! Bix is a 16-person company headed by Mike Speiser. Bix is an online community which has grown tremendously since its inception with over one million visitors to date.

Dropsend On Sale. Flock Interested?

DropSend is a file sharing application / service that lets you send files upto 1Gb online, as well as store files according to various plans. DropSend is run by Carson Systems, atleast until they find a new buyer. Carson Systems has announced that they will be selling DropSend because they don’t have the time to maintain the system.

Conde Nast acquires Reddit

There is a blog post on the Reddit blog that says that Condé Nast has acquired Reddit. Condé Nast is also the owner of Wired and other magazines. The rumoured price tag is about $65million!

JotSpot is now part of Google

Joe Kraus of JotSpot reports that JotSpot is now a part of Google. What is JotSpot’s product? While other wikis only support plain old text, JotSpot’s wiki allows you to create rich web-based spreadsheets, calendars, documents and photo galleries.