Best websites that convert Youtube Video to Mp3/Mp4 online

Youtube is the most popular Video Streaming website out there. Even though they have recently removed thousands of videos that had copyright issues you still can’t get enough of Youtube. For those of you who are looking to convert their Youtube videos to Mp3 and other formats can check out the following web based converters that actually works. I’ve personally tried each of them and they work just great.



Keepvid is one of the most popular Youtube converter online. It supports just about any video sharing site out there. Another great thing about Keepvid is that it displays the most famous videos on the web so you can quickly download the most watched videos.



Now when it comes to converting my favorite Youtube videos to Mp3 ListenToYouTube is all I need to visit. It not only converts the video to Mp3 but it also reduces the size of the file big time. Normally a video is 20-25Mb each but ListentoYouTube reduces the size to 3-4MB which is quiet amazing. All you need to do is enter the Youtube Url int he search box and click go. Once the file is processed simply click the download link and save the file on your computer.



Another great way to convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 is by using FLV to MP3 Converter is 100% free and you don’t need to install additional software to download yout favorite Youtube video.


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