5 Great Tools for Organizing Yourself


I know that a lot my readers use various organizing programs to sort out their tasks and sort out their schedules. These tools range from simple to-do list maintainers and calendar keepers to intricate ones which include a multitude of features.


aving reviewed a fair share of such tools available online, I thought it was best that I blog about 5 such freeware tools which stand out from the crowd. Each of these applications serves a unique purpose. If you are looking for an organizing tool, read the following list I have gathered; check out which entry in the list suits your needs best.


Most of you might not want an extra program to maintain the list you make. You probably find Notepad easy enough to use and save file with. If this is the case, then you will appreciate NoteFly as it is basically Notepad but with a few additional features. Firstly it stays accessible via its system tray icon. We need not maintain our lists in separate file; we can note down everything on the NoteFly pad. We can also share NoteFly’s content on Twitter and Facebook via the application itself. With this ability, we can quickly create a to-do list, share it on our social media network, and access it from any other computer through the internet.


If you are looking for a tool that it specific to to-do list and provides a number of useful ways in which we can get the most out of our to-do lists then PhiToDo should be perfect for you. Firstly PhtiToDo is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) so many users will be able to benefit from it. Secondly the download file is about 1MB to download and the application sets up rather fast. The friendly interface makes task-creation very easy. We can add various details to each task such as the time we spend on it. We can also access our tasks via the internet on our online PhiToDo account; this makes all our to-do lists portable.


If you are currently using the Calendar services of iCal, Outlook, Sunbird, or Google and want to merge them with a single new Calendar, then fbCal is what you need. This is an application for Facebook users which apart from being a great calendar within itself also offers the feature to merge our calendars from other services. With this application you will be able to use Facebook to communicate with you contacts and mange your schedule and events right then and there.


Often while making a routine-building decision (such as deciding to begin jogging or join the gym) we often face difficulties at first to adjust to schedule. In other words, when we are trying to form a new habit, we find it difficult to stick to the routine. For people who face this issue, Rootein provides a free service with which we can monitor our set routines. We can set the schedules for the routines which we add. While adding the routine, we can name it and enter its details along with specifying how often we need to do in a week and for how long. We mark our Rootein calendar each time we complete an event. If we are successfully keep it up for 21 days in a row, we no longer need external help to keep up the routine.


Project management is no easy task and requires the handling and supervising of numerous tasks. As the number of sub-teams (or members) in a project increases, managing it becomes more difficult for the project manager. A software that provides great management utilities is Microsoft Office Project; unfortunately it is not a freeware program and cost quite an amount. A wonderful free alternative to it is OpenProj which provide almost the same interface and features. Project managers can easily create a task list or work breakdown structure, set durations, create sub-links, and assign resources. For a project manager looking for something to ease project management, OpenProj is a heaven-sent resource.

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