47 Useful Windows Vista Command Utilities


Novice Windows Vista users might get confused about how some everyday Windows tasks are executed. For example there is no direct procedure to delete your Windows username’s password; before you can reach that section, you first have to access the Con

trol Panel, then access user accounts from there.

Fortunately there is now an application that sums up 47 of the most used Windows functions and squeezes them into a single program. I am talking about the fittingly titled “47 Useful Windows Vista Command Utilities”.

47 Useful Windows Vista Command Utilities is a simple to use freeware application sized at only 244KB and compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista.

What we download is basically a ZIP archive which we can extract anywhere we want. The archive file contains a folder named VistaCommands. The application we need to run is an EXE file also named VistaCommands and located in VistaCommands\bin\Release.

Running the EXE file will bring up a window similar to the one in the following image:

This window provides us with quick shortcuts to 47 of the most used Windows Vista tasks. These tasks range from deleting our passwords to accessing our general folder options. User Accounts, Windows Firewall, Mouse Properties, can all be accessed from within this Window. Additionally the window contains tasks like Hibernate and Lock Screen.

I used 47 Useful Windows Vista Command Utilities without facing any problems. The fact that it does not require any installation adds to the convenience it provides. Click here to download this freeware application from Softpedia.

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