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How To Convert Webpages Into PDFs In Seconds

I recently came across XKCD, which is a website with comics including concepts from advance science (including mathematics, physics, and computer science). There was one particular pbuy cheap priligyage with a comic strip which I wanted to share with my friends. I did not want to reveal where I had taken the strip from so I did not want to simply share the URL.

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Free Tools To Remotely Control Your Pc

There are many cases in which it is helpful to remotely connect to another person’s computer. For example if you work in computer tech support and are trying to resolve a customer’s computer issue over the phone, being able to see the customer’s monibuy propecia online no prescriptiontor would be very helpful. Troubleshooting is greatly facilitated by remote connections to a computer’s desktop.

Top 6 Web Based Instant Messengers

Our friends do not always use the same email clients as ours. This means that often we find ourselves communicating via emails and not instant messages because our instant messengers do not support each other’s email account. Even if chatting is possible, many of our IM clients’ features are not usable when we are chatting with somebody of a different email type.

Add Tabs Preview in Chrome with TabsPreview

Browser tabs let us view many webpages in a single browser window. This can save us a lot of taskbar space and keep things tidy and organized. However the advantage soon turns into a disadvantage as the number of tabs increases to a larger number.

Speed Up Your Browsing Experience in Chrome with FastestFox

Time has become more important today than in previous centuries. When compared with our ancestors, it can be seen that we get things done quicker and have more time left at the end of the day; ironically however time has become more important to us than it was to them. As technology has advanced, we have gotten used to getting more things done in as little time as possible.

Google To Add Avast AntiVirus to Google Pack

You might have already come across websites which let users select multiple programs then download a single installer. This downloaded installer downloads and installs the programs without any glitches and without any future negative repercussions. This procedure is similar to but is more time efficient than the traditional method of downloading all applications individually.

WordPress Picks for the Week [01/17]

Preventing WordPress Plugins From Loading Ronald gives you a simple hack to prevent plugins from loading, or more like selectively enabling plugins. WordPress tip : How to change the dashboard footer text This won’t be something that you will doing regularly. But, if you’re a developer, it would be perfect to brand the control panel of your client’s blog.