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TorrentMagnifier: Search And Download Torrents From Your Desktop

Torrents are a great peer-to-peer file sharing method which has increasingly become popular over the recent years. Recognizing how much users like torrents and prefer them over other peer-to-peer exchange methods, developers are constantly creating torrent related applications to facilitate the torrent users. Today we will be exploring TorrentMagnifier which is website providing three simple ways to make torrent searching faster and more convenient.

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5 Useful Websites To Send Large Files Over the Internet

File hosting enables us to share files with our recipients which are too large to email. While the overall concept of file hosting is ideal, the practicality often proves to be a menace. With slow upload and download speeds, most file hosting sites are more frustrating than beneficial.

3 Websites to Automatically Reload Web Pages

Sometime we need the webpages we are viewing to be refreshed regularly. One example could be posting on an active forum and being eager to read the response to your post. Another situation where you might want the page to refresh regularly is while you are using your social networking account – a situation when you would like to be instantly aware of any notifications.

WordPress Picks for the week [12/20]

WordPress 2.9 “Carmen” is out You can upload from within your WordPress admin itself. New features include: Global undo/”trash” feature, which means that if you accidentally delete a post or comment you can bring it back from the grave (i.

Transfer Bookmarks From One Browser To The Next

With such an impressive array of browsers to choose from nowadays, it is not uncommon to work with multiple internet browsers on our computers. The biggest challenge a user faces in switching back and forth from web browsers is to export and import the settings. By settings, we mainly mean bookmarks (or favorites, if you are an Internet Explorer user).

How To Take Full Screenshot of Web Pages in Firefox & IE

Bloggers know that while reviewing sites, screenshots are highly useful in giving references. Instead of typing “click on the little OK button towards the top right of the screen” one can easily take a screenshot and show the readers what exactly is being written about. If you’re a professional blogger or have a similar job that requires you to take screenshots all the type, then the traditional method of pressing the ‘Print Screen’ key and then pasting the image in MsPaint might not suit you best.