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Download Torrents as Direct Http Downloads

Recently I told a friend of mine to download a certain file from a popular Torrents website. This particular friend graduated from Oxford this year, majoring in Mathematics so it wouldn’t be outrageous to assume he knew a lot about science and consequently computers plus the internet. Therefore his response of “I never really could understand how Torrents worked” shocked me considerably.

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Schedule PC Shutdown with Shutdown After

It can be quite a problem if you want your system to restart at 4pm but you know you will not be home at that time to restart the PC. In such situations, when you cannot be where your computer is, a third party software can help you schedule the tasks you want to take place at specific times. A perfect example of one such software is Shutdown After.

WordPress Picks for the week [11/15]

Managing Comments With Ajax Edit Comments A new version of the very popular plugin Ajax Edit Comments is out. In this guest blog post by Ronald, the founder of Ajax Edit Comments, tells you in pictures all the new features of the plugin. The power that AEC gives you is phenomenal.

Tabberwocky Provides Greater Functionality with Firefox’s Tabs

Add-ons are a strong reason why an increasing number of internet users are moving over to Firefox. Apart from its solidly stable functioning, Firefox is a browser for which add-ons are available for almost anything! The add-on we explore today, Tabberwocky, takes Firefox’s functionality to the next level by providing the user with more ways to work with the tabs.

WordPress Picks for the week [11/08]

Here’s our weekly roundup of some good articles on WordPress WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet is the new document, of the Visual Cheat Sheet family, that contains a practical reference guide to WordPress 2.8. [Via: WLTC] WPWorldMap.

Why Rip a DVD When You Can Rip A Blu-Ray?

Why Rip a DVD When You Can Rip A Blu-Ray? Alright, the fact of the matter is that, if we are going to be talking about ripping, we might as well be straight with one another. The days of ripping DVDs are over.

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware

How to Detect the Spyware and Malware Spywares and malwares are considered to be a greater threat than computer viruses. This is because the detection of a spyware or a malware in the computer is very tough and you cannot be sure that a spyware or a malware is present in the PC, until the time you notice the loss of data or the popping up of unwanted advertisements. This is the reason why it becomes highly imperative as a computer user to know how to detect as well as cure a spyware or malware attack.

Monitor and Analyze the Traffic to your Blog for Free

As a website owner or a blog runner, your number one priority is to get the maximum amount of traffic on your site possible. And how does one systematically do that? By monitoring your traffic and checking which additions/changes to your site attract internet users and which repel them.