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Flock to

Quick on the heels of the latest release of Firefox, Flock, which is based on Mozilla core has released version 0.7.9.

BBC gets into File Sharing

BBC Worldwide has signed a deal with Azureus to distribute hundreds of episodes of BBC programmes. The episodes will be distributed using Zudeo which has been launched to distribute high quality videos (DVD-Quality, HD-Quality). This will make downloading of BBC Episodes over this client legal.

Free Million Pixels

Everyone by now must have heard of The Million Dollar Homepage, where you could buy a few pixels to get your tiny logo on the homepage. But what if someone were to offer those pixels to you for free? Would he be considered mad or generous?

Polar Rose helps you recognize people in Photos

Polar Rose, a Swedish firm, plans to make it possible for users to search through photos of people online. It relies on a combination of face recognition algorithms and the collective intelligence of users for the same. Originally developed by CTO Jan Erik Solem, the software is unique in that it is able to extract 3D information from regular 2D images.

Google acquires Endoxon

Google has acquired Endoxon’s Internet and Mobile businesses. Endoxon is a developer of internet mapping solutions, mobile services, data processing, cartography, direct marketing and the Trinity software suite. Google will use Endoxon’s technology to complement Google Earth and Google Maps.